Bostad först

Housing First is a method from New York helping homeless people to get a stable housing. With a view of housing as a fundamental human "right", an innovative approach to solving the problem of homelessness has evolved. Housing First is a counter-reaction to the Treatment First approach, and builds on the notion that everyone has the right to a secure place to live. The idea originated in the U.S. and evolved in the early nineties within psychiatric health care as an alternative way of handling the effects of the deinstitutionalisation process. Apart from everyone's right to housing, the idea of user participation is central. The programme has recently been implemented in Sweden (Stockholm and Helsingborg). The local Housing First project was developed into an Eurpean context and is member of an Euroean consortium home_eu that evaluate BF in 8 countries

For furtrher information see the homepage or contact responsible researcher  Tobias Elgán